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Access Web Pages Offline In Google Chrome


There are so many hidden surprises in google chrome, and among them, this one is very useful particularly when you are out of internet connection, for me without the internet it's like doomsday for me!

Well back to business, while online every time we visit a web page our browser auto-saves a copy of it called cached version/ stale copy, this happens in almost majority of browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox etc.

In order to access this webpages offline in google chrome 
While inside Chrome, type chrome://flags/  in the address bar to access the experimental features page and search for the "Show Saved Copy Button" option.  and from the dropdown list select "Enable: Primary" option. Then restart the browser.

After this whenever you go offline, and Chrome browser will give you the option to load the saved copy.
Then there are little discrepancies, certain elements of a web page that requires active internet connection say a video/audio, or JavaScript widgets will certainly not work.
*The offline browsing option was added in Chrome v36. sSo below version may not work.

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