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Bamboo Spark: A artist's digital tool


The Bamboo Spark (Rs 9,523) bridges the divide between the analog sketchbook and the digital sketchbook by tracking your pen strokes on real paper, then transmitting the results to your device. It’s three pieces: a folio with a receiver inside, a ballpoint pen with a transmitter inside, and a pad of regular paper.

The device pairs to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, and transfers take only a few seconds per page. (Wacom’s app works on iOS and Android.) Within the mobile app, you can “replay” each line in your drawing, undoing each pen stroke and stopping at any time to export the page in that particular state. The case’s memory holds 100 pages, so you can sync in batches.
Wacom offers cloud storage for Bamboo Spark pages, and the files are easily shared to Dropbox, to Evernote, or as PDFs.  Folios come in three configurations to hold a phone, a small tablet, or an iPad Air 2.

Below I got this video from YouTube , Where full review has been given.

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