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British Resident Becomes World First Person With Bionic Eye Implant


Ray Flynn with ARGUS 2
Argus II helps Ray Flynn to see things even with closed eyed

Ray Flynn, 80, has been unable to make out faces since he developed Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) eight years ago. But with the aid of Bionic eye Argus II now Ray can see faces, even closing his eyes.

Argus II
On 1st July Ray Flynn became the first person to be successfully imparted with bionic eye, this critical yet successful operation took four hours to its completion on June 16. As flynn's system was turned on first time on 1st July. He was made to look at the computer screen to identify black and white patterns.
 “And watching Manchester United on the television is easier. I have central vision now which I haven’t had for eight years. “Your eyes are the most precious thing. My brain is still trying to catch up and work out what is going on, but I have been told it will continue to get better," said the retired engineer of Manchester.
 This shows Argus II to be providing Central visual function that didn't exist before the implant.
             The bionic eye has already been used successfully for people suffering the condition retinitis pigmentosa but Consultant Ophthalmologist Paulo Stanga at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital wanted to know if it would work for people with AMD. Mr Flynn’s progress is truly remarkable,” said Mr Stanga. “He is seeing the outline of people and objects very effectively. Bionic eye detail
There is currently no treatment for advanced AMD. Sufferers loses their ability to see in the center of their field of vision, making it difficult to read and recognize faces. Although this advancement lit a ray of hope for India which is home to the world largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India.


  1. Actually retinitis involves breakdown of cells in retina. So to treat this stem cells therapy is very effective. I always recommend stem cells therapy fr the best diabetes & retinitis pigmentosa treatment.

    1. Hi Borsha, your comment was very informative, thanks for sharing the link


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