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Replace Nokia X2-01 LED Screen


Three years back when LED Screen of my Nokia X2-01 got damaged without showing any prior symptoms, i knew that the bill is going to be heavy. So, out of fear i kept that aside and used a Nokia 3110c (which i Previously have)instead. One day it happened that a friend of mine visited me after a long time. He enquire about my X2-01, i related him the whole story. Then he showed me his phone and it was same Nokia X2-01 model, after that he asked me to have a look at the LED screen of it. As i did i found nothing unusual and asked him what he was trying to show me? then he said that he replaced the screen all by himself and LED cost under INR 250. Now to be honest i didn't know any online store to sell LED screen in such cheap rate.
 But People of Kolkata must know about this place called Chandni Chawk market which is famous for selling all kind of electrical and electronics items.

 In one word it is mecca for any Electronics Geek or Hobbyist or even engineer.
There i found LED screen in such a cheap rate, but i didn't know about its manufacturer.

Now with this Video will be able to replace Led screen of Nokia X2-01 by yourself

You can search google for these terms Nokia x2-01 lcd screen price for buying LED screen online. 

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