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How to Embed Google Maps in Your Blog


embed Google maps

While writing the previous post, i had a great deal in embedding Google Maps. you may have different reasons for doing this but Its great to show the world where you are! moreover it creates a good impression of your website/ blog, and it is one of the key that helps you in growing your business.

STEPS To Implement Google Maps 

Go to, and search your location. like i have done in this image below. searching for Chandni Chawk, kolkata
How to Embed Google Maps

Now Click on the Gear Icon on the Bottom Right corner of the screen, and from there click on embed map option
How to Embed Google Maps

Now After clicking embed map option, a pop-up will appear. Which will show you the demo of the map that you will see on your blog. There you can adjust height and width accordingly with four options medium, small, large and custom.  After you are settled, then just copy the embedded code.
How to Embed Google Maps

Please let me know if this helped you or not, By commenting.

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