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How to Make Stylus At Home


This stylus work with any Capacitive touch screen device, i.e ipad, iphone, any android smart phone or tablet, or windows mobiles

First thing that i thought after buying an android phone was that, its keypad is so congested that writing only with finger always create typos. and to buy a good stylus could cost around 600 INR or more. Then i thought of creating a stylus at home. For that, i researched a lot in Google and finally made my own stylus. 

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But before i start describing, first it is necessary to understand how it works? the first thing which is necessary is contact between your hand and the tip that is touching the screen, else it will not work. Now for that either you can use a metallic refill(as i have done here) or you can wrap the pen/refill with aluminium foil. Be careful to watch that tip is touching the foil. Now to complete the process, dip the tip into water, squeeze little to let the excess water out, so that it remain moist.

P.S - It is not for serious kind of work, just casual typing & touch.


Here i took my old Parker pen, there is no ink in its refill. The objective of choosing this pen is that its refill has a metallic body, Do not worry if you don't have such pen then you can just arrange for a aluminium foil, to wrap around the plastic body of your pen/refill 
A Pen

I have uploaded this picture to show the metallic body of the refill.
Bring the refill out of that pen

Now remove bottom part or the tip, where you want it to touch the screen. I have selected the bottom part.
remove the tip and bottom of that refill

Now use cotton swabs or cotton ball to make the tip, i used cotton swabs, how much you needed it depends upon your aperture of the tip. at bottom part the aperture is sightly bigger than the top.
for that i needed one and a half swab.
use cotton swabs or cotton balls

 Insert the swabs/ cotton ball carefully, you can use tissue paper too!
insert swabs in the refill

    Now you need water to make the swab wet, so that it can become conductive and complete the            circuit when it touches the screen
little water is needed

dip the tip of cotton in water


I added a few pictures of me testing the stylus on Spice Mi-361, and needless to say that it passed successfully.
But don't compare it with original costly stylus. It might some time miss few touches it may be due missing moisture in the cotton tip or your grip is wrong. Remember one thing in mind that it cost nothing to you, not a penny. Share and let other people know about it.
testing the stylus

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