4 Mar 2016

4 Mar 2016

Stream 3Gp youtube video right from your desktop/laptop

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*update - 04/03/2016. For few people this trick is not working, for them i'll show another procedure, But it doesn't work in Android mobile browser either, Cheers!

On some occasions due to the slow speed of your internet, it is not possible to watch a video from YouTube with high quality, but you can play a lower quality version easily, yes its .3Gp I am talking about.

                                              Learn How To Download a YouTube Video

 Its very easy, you need a web browser, vlc media player and latest versions of flash player installed(no need for chrome users)


Just select the video, that you want to play(actually every video got a unique id no. and we need that.)


Now copy paste this url in the address bar:


 *update(try this, only if  STEP 2 above, doesn't work)


Just change the VIDEO_ID with your video id code and press enter

Now right click on the thumbnail, and copy link address

its like 75% of the work is completed, rest is just as simple as it can get.

Open your vlc media player>media>stream>network

 Now paste the url there in the box, Then select and press the play button.
Press Alt+p together

 Wait and see, the video is playing. Don’t complain about the quality, its .3Gp and its like that!

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