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Is Nokia Building a Android Phone?


Before Nokia's phone business is full owned by Microsoft, it may be able to squeeze out an Android smartphone. The Finnish phone maker has been working on a low-cost Android smartphone that's codenamed Normandy, according to the Verge. This device is said to be some what different from other versions of android, which Google uses .

According to the Verge, sources familiar with the matter have said that the smartphone supports Android apps and the company allegedly has plans to release it in 2014.
A press image of this purported smartphone was leaked in late November and published by @evleaks on Twitter. While no specifications were included with the photo leak, one can see that the phone comes with a touch screen and no noticeable capacitive navigation buttons.

Does this move can Break the Deal of Nokia's devices and services division for $7.2 billion in September, Between Microsoft and Nokia? May be not!
 Reasons behind this, is that the Android OS is free (Android Open Source Project or AOSP) Any device using this platform doesn't have to pay for it, thus making the device a little less costly. and Also manufacturer can fully control the user experience adding additional features into it, which a android powered smart phone lacks.

Just like Amazon does to its Kindle Fire tablets, Nokia can also integrate both its and Microsoft’s services into the handset experience.

Think Nokia Care, CityLens, Bing, Skype, Office, and SkyDrive this List may grew longer. if Deal closes, it would be happening in the first quarter of 2014.

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