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10 Best Interactive Google Doodle


As a Lover of Google Doodles, I thought It could be fun to share with you some great Interactive  Google Doodle.

1.    Les paul

This doodle was displayed in google page on june 9, 2011. For Celebrating 96th birth day of  Music Genius  Les Paul

Les paul Doodle Guiter

This Doodle was really awesome, you can play this guiter and their was a recording option given to it.

2.   216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump

 This was displayed on oct 22, 2013. Marking the 2016 anniversary of first parachute jump.
 Best thing is that you can control parachute's direction, and landscapes are beautiful.

3. Google's 15th Birthday  

On Sep 27, 2013, This doodle was Displayed Marking Our Big G's Birth day,
This interactive Doodle Really Brought the Birthday Party Mood.

4.Robert Moog's 78th Birthday

This Doodle was really fascinating, Marking 78 th Birthday of Dr. Robert Moog on May 23, 2012. To tribute this inventor of Moog Synthesizer  Google displayed a Synthesizer, Which can be played, adjusted and recorded.

Robert Moog's 78th Birthday
5. Hurdles 2012

 During London Olympics Google created series of Doodle on different sports events, .
this Doodle let you play Hurdles    

Hurdles 2012 london olympics doodle

6. 25th Anniversary of Buckyball

This Doodle was shown on  Sep 4, 2010.  Google recognised the discovery of the molecule made entirely of carbon by changing the second O on its homepage logo.
You can twist it, turn it.
25th Anniversary of Buckyball Doodle

 7.  30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

Google celebrated 30th anniversary of PAC-MAN by displaying a Pac-Man game in its home page  on 22 May, 2010.

30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN doodle

 8.  Jules Verne's 183rd Birthday

To mark the Birthday of  Jules Verney, writer of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, on Feb 8, 2011. From suface to bottom of 20,000 Leagues, you can go any where just pulling the lever.

Jules Verne's 183rd Birthday doodle

9. Soccer 2012

 This was another Doodle, to mark the eve of London Olympic games

Soccer 2012 doodle

10.  200th Anniversary of Grimm's Fairy Tales

On Dec 20, 2012 This doodle was displayed in Google home page. This doodle was unique because it was used to tell a story in a comical way. 

200th Anniversary of Grimm's Fairy Tales doodle

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