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Coloring a black and white picture takes a lot of time and effort, and expertise as well. Today ...Read more

Colorize Black and White Photos Instantly


Play Dinosaur Game of Google Chrome Anywhere Anytime

Up to this time, there is no doubt that you have played  this game at least once, hidden in yo...Read more
14 Aug 2016 Tags: , ,

Access Web Pages Offline In Google Chrome

There are so many hidden surprises in google chrome, and among them, this one is very useful parti...Read more
11 Aug 2016 Tags:

Check if it is Raining In Your City?

Now as the monsoon is in its full swing it is better to check the weather outside. With  IsItRain...Read more
8 Aug 2016 Tags:

Google Doodle From last olympics

As we know for Rio Olympics google had created fruit games and many of you probably played it. N...Read more
7 Aug 2016 Tags:

Google celebrates Olympics with Fun Interactive Doodle

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics begin today – and to celebrate the launch of the world’s biggest spo...Read more
5 Aug 2016 Tags:

Bamboo Spark: A artist's digital tool

The Bamboo Spark (Rs 9,523) bridges the divide between the analog sketchbook and the digital sketc...Read more
4 Aug 2016 Tags:

Jackrabbot: Robot that seeks to Learn Pedestrian Behavior

A robot which is learning the unwritten rules of pedestrian behavior is being developed by Stanfor...Read more
1 Aug 2016 Tags:

Best Ways To Download YouTube Video

Downloading a YouTube video is not a problem any more, you need to google it and you will find it...Read more
29 Jun 2016 Tags: , ,

Stream RTSP 3Gp youtube video right from your desktop/laptop

On some occasions due to the slow speed of your internet, it is not possible to watch a video...Read more
4 Mar 2016 Tags: ,

The First Electric Washing Machine

The Thor washing machine was the first electric clothes washer sold commercially in the United...Read more
23 Jan 2016 Tags: ,

Facts About World Largest Drill

Herrenknecht’s record-breaking Tunnel Boring Machine (diameter 15.20 m) in the heart of Madrid f...Read more
20 Jan 2016 Tags:

Inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 in c...Read more
17 Jan 2016 Tags:

Stream Mobile Videos & Music In Computer Via Wifi

W ireless Technologies are very fascinating, but the way they save our time and energy is of gr...Read more
12 Jan 2016 Tags: , ,

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