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23 Jan 2015

Stop A Program From Getting Updates In Windows

stop a program from updating

Well, if you are a owner of a slow speed mobile broadband like me, then you must hate the word "UPDATE" as i do. Whenever you update some program a lot of data is consumed along with speed and time. But for others i could recommend update things regularly, because with new update previous bugs are fixed along with new added features (sometimes). There is another reason not to update. Software used illegally without buying can be blocked when updated. But who cares! if you use below technique then there is no chance of a program getting updates also with this you will be able to block any program from connecting to internet.

Steps to stop a program from updating

There are two ways to to do this, one with Windows firewall and Antivirus firewall.
I will start with windows firewall. now, it may happen that when you have installed an antivirus it take hold of the windows firewall and you have only one option left that is to configure  firewall section of your Antivirus. for this see "Using Antivirus Firewall" after step8

Open Control panel, then System and Security
control panel stop a program from updating
    Click to enter  Windows Firewall

stop a program from updating

     Click on the Advance Settings as indicated the picture
advance setting Stop a program from updating

This is the Windows Firewall Menu, few things needed to be clear i.e what is Inbound/outbound rule?
can you see those in left hand side.

Inbound Rules: These are to do with other things accessing your computer. If you are running a Web Server on your computer then you will have to tell the Firewall that outsiders are allowed to connect to it.

Outbound Rules: With these you can set which programs use the Internet, and Block others. You will want to let your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera...) have access to the Internet, so you will tell Windows Firewall that it's allowed.

now click on Outbound Rule on left
Firewall menu stop a program from updating

   As you can see, you need to add new program to this list click New Rule on right
firewall outbound stop a program from updating

    Now just select the program and click Next>
firewall newrule stop a program from updating

    Now browse to the program(.exe) that you want to stop Updates/ Connect to Internet
firewall add program stop a program from updating

Using Antivirus Firewall

I am using Avg Internet Security 2015, in that there is a section called Firewall, i am showing what i have done with this particular antivirus that i have. But different antivirus programs have different ways to doing this

Antivirus firewall Stop a program from updating

Antivirus firewall Stop a program from updating

    click on Applications
Antivirus firewall Stop a program from updating

click Add to add program(.exe) to the list
Antivirus firewall Stop a program from updating

Now Browse to the location of the program(.exe) that you want to block
Antivirus firewall add program Stop a program from updating


20 Jan 2015

20 Jan 2015

Download Android App from Google Play to Computer


After buying a android phone the first thing i did is download  tons of apps and games just to fiddle with it a little longer. But when phone memory gets cramped up, i needed to uninstall few apps to get some free space. Now after certain days when i needed those particular app do i need to download it again? the answer is Yes.

You Can Also See  How to Make Stylus At Home

Because when you are installing a app/game on your android phone/tablet it is downloaded to your phone memory, inside /data Folder, and as it is protected  you can't  copy/ write/ delete/ move  it.
So i suggest you pal to do what i do. i.e download apps to your computer/laptop from play store and then transfer them to your device, that's it! your done.

Steps To Download Android app(.apk) in Computer/Desktop From Play Store

   Download APK Downloader extension for Chrome
   Download APK Downloader add-on for Firefox
Now login with the gmail address that you have linked to your play store account from your device.

 .apk Downloader from google play store

Android Device ID is a 16 digit number you can find it by dialing *#*#8255#*#*  in your device.
If all goes correct you will see a black screen,  where Device ID and other different information about the phone is given.

In case it didn't works try this method:-
 you can download /install Device ID App which will show the device id with email address linked to play store.

It is  the last step which is necessary to accomplish our purpose, for this
Goto Settings> Security>Unknown sources(enable it)
allow installation from other sources

Result- See the "Download APK" option coming.

See download option is appearing beside install when

Use your USB Cable (you can use bluetooth too) for transferring the downloaded .apk file to your device. When the transferring is  finished, Repeat step 3 only to Disable it. Now enjoy and don't fear to Uninstall apps.

17 Jan 2015

17 Jan 2015

How To Save Page In Opera Mini On Java Emulator

It is easy to run java apps in windows(to be more technically correct it is .jar file i am talking about).  But this post is more precise and focussed in one subject i.e how to Save page in opera mini in MicroEmulator  and bring Download option.

Opera mini before and after in  MicroEmulator

For Those who Already Have MicroEmulator

Create a shortcut for microemulator.jar file, i hope that regardless of  different versions the trick will work for you. In case you need to know my version is  2.0.4

Now open properties, of that shortcut , Now click in "Shortcut" Tab, here you need to change the "Target: " location address.

Copy this:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\java.exe -cp microemulator.jar;lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar --impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet apps\opera-mini-4.1.11355-advanced- int.jad

change the target address the shortcut file
Though in the new "Target: " location address, you will find opera-mini-4.1 is written, but that doesn't matter, by this method you will be able to see Download  and Save page option in any version of opera mini

For Those Who Are New / Doesn't have MicroEmulator

             All the steps are necessary to successfully run any java app, i will provide download link for Pre-fixed MicroEmulator(for windows), which i had created exclusive for you, my readers, so that you need not worry for  Download  and Save page options in opera mini.
You need to install Java SE Runtime Environment if you don't have it.

Then download Pre-fixed MicroEmulator(only for windows)

it contain the files as shown in the picture below, as you can see the instruction are quite clear. Double click the "Shortcut to microemulator" file, and the emulator will open up. Now open your java app or opera mini, what ever you want.

run the emulator by clicking shortcut

14 Jan 2015

14 Jan 2015

How to Make Stylus At Home


This stylus work with any Capacitive touch screen device, i.e ipad, iphone, any android smart phone or tablet, or windows mobiles

First thing that i thought after buying an android phone was that, its keypad is so congested that writing only with finger always create typos. and to buy a good stylus could cost around 600 INR or more. Then i thought of creating a stylus at home. For that, i researched a lot in Google and finally made my own stylus. 

You Can  ALSO See Construct A Microphone  For Free

But before i start describing, first it is necessary to understand how it works? the first thing which is necessary is contact between your hand and the tip that is touching the screen, else it will not work. Now for that either you can use a metallic refill(as i have done here) or you can wrap the pen/refill with aluminium foil. Be careful to watch that tip is touching the foil. Now to complete the process, dip the tip into water, squeeze little to let the excess water out, so that it remain moist.

P.S - It is not for serious kind of work, just casual typing & touch.


Here i took my old Parker pen, there is no ink in its refill. The objective of choosing this pen is that its refill has a metallic body, Do not worry if you don't have such pen then you can just arrange for a aluminium foil, to wrap around the plastic body of your pen/refill 
A Pen

I have uploaded this picture to show the metallic body of the refill.
Bring the refill out of that pen

Now remove bottom part or the tip, where you want it to touch the screen. I have selected the bottom part.
remove the tip and bottom of that refill

Now use cotton swabs or cotton ball to make the tip, i used cotton swabs, how much you needed it depends upon your aperture of the tip. at bottom part the aperture is sightly bigger than the top.
for that i needed one and a half swab.
use cotton swabs or cotton balls

 Insert the swabs/ cotton ball carefully, you can use tissue paper too!
insert swabs in the refill

    Now you need water to make the swab wet, so that it can become conductive and complete the            circuit when it touches the screen
little water is needed

dip the tip of cotton in water


I added a few pictures of me testing the stylus on Spice Mi-361, and needless to say that it passed successfully.
But don't compare it with original costly stylus. It might some time miss few touches it may be due missing moisture in the cotton tip or your grip is wrong. Remember one thing in mind that it cost nothing to you, not a penny. Share and let other people know about it.
testing the stylus

9 Jan 2015

9 Jan 2015

Free Important Tools That Every Webmaster Must Know 3 (Responsiveness)

testing responsive web page

Hope you had read previous two parts of "Free Important Tools That Every Webmaster Must Know". Part one was about Cross Browser Testing, and Part two was about Checking speed and Performance of a Webpage.
Now in part three, it is time to check Responsiveness of your website. if you are a webmaster, you know how responsiveness is essential in terms of your website's look in mobile, tablet and desktop of different screen sizes. well the easiest way is to resize your browser window, but then all browser/devices might not accept all your @media query
Out of my little knowledge i will share two methods with you,  if you have other methods you can share via comment.

1. If you are chrome user, great news for you! Google Chrome has a  inbuilt way of checking responsiveness of a web page.

Just press F12  or  Ctrl + Shift + I via keyboard( for Mac press  Cmd + Opt + I ), by this you will enter Developer Tools
or just go to Chrome menu  Chrome Menu  at the top-right of your browser window, then ToolsDeveloper Tools.

testing responsive web page

Now click Select Model at top left corner. There you will get a list of devices and notebooks in a alphabetical order

testing responsive web page

selecting any of the devices, browser will render the webpage for that device's display. Just for example i have used one of my previous post.

testing responsive web page

for learning more about chrome developer tool visit this website

2. Another is way is to go to this site:, just go and see. There is nothing to tell you about it, it is very easy to use. There you will get a lot of options like Desktop, notebook, tablets mobile, and other devices(Television etc) with large screen display.

testing responsive web page

6 Jan 2015

6 Jan 2015

Earn Money Online Free

online money earn

The prospect of earning money by sitting at home, is very exciting, isn't it? Before jumping into details it is necessary to tell you that, you can't entirely rely on these as your main income source. But for students it can be a good way to raise pocket-money in their spare time. If you search in google you will find there are many similar websites, but most of them are pretty time consuming and often provides a very low amount of money. There are of two types, first one, in  which  money is provided to you money in the form of free recharge, and second one requires your address for check and paypal account for online payment(optional). 


1. Way2sms: Well the main service that it offered was to send free SMS, but for last few years it has been giving free recharge options. These are the criteria upon which your earning depends, they will give you money for performing each of these points.

  • Register/ Signup (instant bonus on signup)
  • Download (android app)
  • Invite (others to join)
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Survey
Minimum amout is Rs 10, below which you will not be allowed to recharge.

2. : Its name sounds funny, though it is similar to the way2sms, you can SMS through it

  • Register/ Signup (instant bonus on signup) 
  • Learn and Earn
  • Fun Quiz
  • My lucky Day
  • Invite (others to join)
 Here also Minimum amout is Rs 10, below which you will not be allowed to recharge.
  • Invite (others to join)
  • See inbox and participate in promotional email(in paisalive )

Register/Signup here, Minimum payout is Rs10(recharge balance).
Minimum payout is Rs1000, below which you will not be allowed to withdraw(by check).


1.clixsense   Here you can get money in form of  check or online paymeny only, Following are the criteria to earn in clixsense:-

  • Invite (others to join)
  • Click ads
  • Complete survey
  • See offers
  • Play games
Register/Signup here

Payout/Cashout Options and Conditions

MethodMinimum CashoutFeeWhen
PayPal (United States)$6.00$8.002% up to $1.00On Mondays and Fridays 
PayPal (Rest of the World)$6.00$8.002% up to $20On Mondays and Fridays 
PayToo$6.00$8.00FreeOn Mondays and Fridays 
Payza$6.00$8.002.5% + $0.25 up to $4.00On Mondays and Fridays 
United States, Canada
$10.00$1.00 (First time is Free)Monthly on or before the 10th

i will update this post further if i found other good resource.

3 Jan 2015

3 Jan 2015

Block Certain Websites From Appearing In Browser(windows)


This tutorial is for windows users only. If you want to block any website from appearing in your browser, No  software needed! you just need to open host file, situated in system32 folder on  the drive where you had installed your windows operating system. Copy the below code, paste in run and enter(for xp users).For win7 users, you can paste this in "Search program and files"(an alternative of run in win7) and enter

notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

 A file like this should appear now.

 Now list up the sites you want to block. While maintaining this format:-
eg.  localhost

you can add as many websites you can

this can be a handy tool, if you are a worried parent who want's to block Bad explicit websites from your child's reach. What ever your reasons are, this technique can be of great help to you.

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